Conference Call on Title issues, Ohio foreclosure and BPOs

Real conversation with real mortgage investors… Steven:                 Welcome. It’s Thursday June 15th and I’m Steve from Modern Asset Management and we’re joined with four other folks right now to talk about Mortgage note investing. I’ll go through the things that I have in front of me. One of the things that’s come up a couple … Continued

Rule No 1 Note Investors What is in a Collateral File conference call 061317

Conference call on June 13 2017. Discussion on what should be in a whole loan collateral file.  Steve Hodgdon:                Hi. This is Steven Hodgdon at Modern Asset Management. Here again today with Dion DePaoli of Secure Debt Exchange Systems. We’re going to talk about another step in underwriting, which is understanding what’s in a collateral … Continued

The Big Picture for Performing and Non Performing Mortgages

As an investor, do you have a preference in what type of note you buy? Many of us like NPLs. Personally, I like cash flow with a little risk added through non performing loans. Here’s Dion DePaoli’s point of view: October 25, 2016 Low rates have allowed big corporate to divert cheap capital into non-productive … Continued

Non Performing Notes and Private Mortgages Treatment Strategies

Working out a Non Performing Note or Past Due Private Mortgage There’s a lot of buzz these days about Hardest Hit Funds as the exit strategy when you own a delinquent note on the way to REO. Having spent nearly my entire adult life in the debt collection world (36 years and counting), I’ve learned … Continued